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Eco Friendly Companies

These days it seems every company is trying to sell itself as eco friendly or at least eco conscious. It’s almost hard to decipher which ones are truly so or if they’re just trying to cash in on the new eco craze. The other question in my mind is how many of these “eco” companies truly live up to their claims? Is everything about them eco friendly, or only a portion of their products/corporate culture? Continue reading

Soy milk alternatives

Which milk alternative is best for your health? For years I’ve been drinking soy milk with the knowledge that there was a lot of controversy around the health benefits surrounding it. Up until now I’ve been living in ignorance convincing myself that it’s all over exaggerated. The more I read up on it, the more I realize that maybe I should be taking more care into how much soy I’m eating. The main reason I started reading up on it more was after feeling a bit of stomach discomfort after eating a soy product in food. I’m definitely not going to cut soy out of my diet, as being gluten free and vegan is already difficult enough, but I will make a conscious effort of reducing my soy intake. The whole idea of the estrogen levels causing hypothyroidism is reason enough for me to start moving away from these products.

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Is social networking fake?

Today will be a bit out of the ordinary as this post will have nothing to do with anything vegan or green, but I need to vent.

I found many great people on social networking sites, and by far the most on Twitter. Facebook is definitely better for more in depth conversations and idea sharing, but you need to already know people for Facebook to work. The nice thing about Twitter is the fact that one can randomly meet and talk to so many people of different walks in life.

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Cake is good!

My wife @Lidia_LF had an urge for cake last week and decided to try a Gluten Free Betty Crocker cake mix we bought in the States a few months back. The cake mix itself is vegan but calls for eggs in the recipe. We decided to skip the eggs and just follow the rest of the instructions. They turned out to be amazing! The cake moulds we used were in insect shapes which made it easier to eat as you could break off smaller pieces easier!

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