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7-Eleven adds some vegan options.

Apparently 7 – Eleven is testing some vegan options in select stores in New York. Yes by default some of the products sold were always vegan (ie. Slurpees or potato chips and the sort) but now they’re testing actual dairy free, meat free, egg free selections such as artichoke spinach noodles, vegetable lo mein or dumplings. Now I highly doubt that it will be too tasty, but at least some of the mainstream companies are taking note of certain niche markets.

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The soy dilemma

On top of being gluten free and vegan, I have recently decided to go soy free as well. It started because my throat started feeling like it was swelling every time I had it. Cutting soy out of my diet might not have helped my throat 100% but it’s definitely a lot better. Even if I don’t have a soy intolerance, I probably won’t go back to eating it after reading so much negative information about it. Most of it might not be proved right or wrong, but I do think it’s logical and therefore it’s best to be safe than sorry.

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