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Quinoa: A vegan superfood

For those who are wondering how to get more protein in their diet, it’s important to look for complete proteins. Examples of a complete protein are: soybeans, amaranth, buckwheat, hempseed and of course quinoa. The main reason I’m focusing on quinoa is that I find it very underrated, but deserves more attention due to it being so healthy and flavourful.

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Vegan Life

“So what can you eat?” The one question every vegetarian/vegan hates the most. As if being vegan meant there were no options out there, that you’d starve to death without any animal products. The most fascinating part of being vegan to me, is how some people answer “Oh I could never do that, I’d die! I need meat to have energy.” Or “The doctor told me that for medical reasons I can’t be vegetarian.” How come so many people seem to have this as an answer? Do doctors really go around preaching this to everyone? And last but not least, “Think of those poor vegetables you’re killing and their feelings.” Last I checked, vegetables didn’t have a nervous system or a brain capable of feeling pain. Anyway, enough with the questions.

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Split Pea Soup

In the past month or two, I’ve finally started to appreciate split pea soup. I know I’m far behind the times, but hey there’s so much great food out there it’s hard to get around to it all! (That’s my excuse anyway).

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What’s happening?/What are you doing?

I haven’t written in a long time. Most of the time I don’t even really know what to say. I guess I’m torn between doing a personal blog or writing about a specific topic and sometimes either one seems like a better idea. Now that the elephant is out I can go on to more interesting topics… Like Twitter!

When I first joined Twitter in 2008 I had no idea how it worked or that it really is much more than just a status update. One can really only go so far with daily mundane updates before getting the urge to try to get more out of the service. Some people choose to use it in a more social manner, whereas others choose to use it as a way to get news. Neither way is better than the other, but rather shows two very distinct personalities.

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