A little more personal

I thought that moving back to the city would automatically mean I’d be more social. So far we’ve kept pretty reserved, which I guess is normal as there is just so much to think about and plan when you first move to a new place.

I still have to go to Bunner’s (http://www.bunners.ca), explore many cool raw/vegan restaurants and many health stores… The nice part is that now I’m not far from so many options and it’s nice to take things slowly and enjoy everything in small doses. Lately I’ve been really into Kensington Market, mainly Tutti Frutti. Such a great store, so don’t let it’s small size deceive you.

On a totally unrelated note there better be a good concert soon. It’s been a while since I’ve been to one. I think the last one was The Wooden Sky at Lee’s Palace.

The commute to work now literally only takes 8 minutes by car, which compared to the sometimes hour plus drive from Aurora used to take is almost magical. It’s funny how one forgets how great of a city Toronto really is until they leave.


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