Vegan Wine (Really? It’s not vegan?)

I didn’t even know that wine wasn’t vegan until a couple months ago (officially). I remember going through Whole Foods in San Francisco where they had some wine labeled “Vegan” and at the time I thought that it was ridiculous because all wine should be vegan. I didn’t think about it again, until I saw some vegan people I follow on Twitter talking about a site called Barnivore ( which lists vegan wines (and other alcohol). This was a shocking revelation to me as I never thought twice about drinking wine, I mean who would? It’s only grapes right?

At first were sticking to Yellow Tail ( which is decent, but variety is always key. Lately my new liking has been Cave Spring Cellars ( which is a local winery from the Niagara Region. All their wines are vegan and taste amazingly good. I highly recommend their Riesling or their Cabernet Merlot. (I haven’t actually tasted the rest, but I’m sure that they’re just as good)

I’m thinking that this summer my wife @LidiaLF and I should do a winery tour!



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