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Best Health Food Store in Toronto (area)

I would greatly appreciate it if I could get a nice view of where people go for their health food needs.


Eco Friendly Companies

These days it seems every company is trying to sell itself as eco friendly or at least eco conscious. It’s almost hard to decipher which ones are truly so or if they’re just trying to cash in on the new eco craze. The other question in my mind is how many of these “eco” companies truly live up to their claims? Is everything about them eco friendly, or only a portion of their products/corporate culture? Continue reading

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Whether or not the mythical garbage island really does exist or not really isn’t the point. What happens to garbage once we dump it? One of the biggest misconceptions we as a society have is that as long as we recycle or use our green bin we don’t have to worry about anything because it all gets reused. The recycling companies will pick and choose what they can reuse easily and the rest end up in landfills.

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To drive, or not to drive…

Owning a car brings up various emotions in different people. Some people are obsessive about their vehicles, others see it as a means of getting from point A to point B and others see no need for one. It really all depends on where you live and what kind of lifestyle you have. Can one truly be eco conscious while they own a car?

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